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Management System

Industry 4.0 &
ISO/IEC 17025 compliance

Our System

Online Laboratory Management System that design to reduce human dependency, wastage, and turnaround time yet increase accuracy, traceability, and productivity of testing services.

Our Vision

We develop business workflow solutions for laboratory to comply IEC/ISO 17025 standard and transform laboratory to meet Industry 4.0 requirements.


Focus on action and agility, build based on collaborative, communicative and connective logic to cater QC, R&D, and commercial laboratories needs.

How it works

Modules are made to meet specific laboratory operational needs from sample collection to registration, from laboratory testing to eCOA confirmation, and from invoicing to customer's rating all capture into one powerful, dynamic and evergreen online solutions.   


All-in-One dashboard menu that shows all customer and sample information in one convenient location. This feature is great for those who like consolidated all KPI into one single page. All-in-One feature allows users to view cross-sectional/departmental daily performance and measure against the KPI.


Sales funnel is built for indepth analysis of sales performance from the beginning of sales lead until invoicing. This made business health analysis simple, quick and easy.   


Plan your needs


Single user

Unlimited product & company

Customized COA template

Support special request

Pop-up attention

Support eCOA

QR code authentication

Export report . CSV

Small QC and R&D Department


Multiple user

All free features

COA online approval

Support single and duo approval

Support digital signature

Support eCOA with digital signature

Access control

High security

QC and R&D laboratory


All features from Business Plan

Full integration

Onsite hosting

Support multiple sites

Full access and control

Sample collection (IoT), Quotation, Invoice, Todo, Progress, Account, Aging, Business Intelligence module‚Äč

Lifetime upgrade

Commercial laboratory

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